Worshipful Master’s Introduction to the Theme

I have spent time contemplating the Five Points of Fellowship described in all Craft Lodges and have decided this year to be a year in which we focus on the “manual” aspect of Freemasonry.  More specifically, I remind all Brethren that more Light in Masonry comes to those who work at it, and only many hands will truly make the Light work.

Ivanhoe Lodge continues to be a Lodge of enlightened men.  We need to continue to have the Wisdom, Courage and Fortitude to make positive changes while remaining true to our espirit du corps.  This means that every Mason must find a way to grow in his own light through his own efforts.  But each of us also needs to remember that it is “hand to hand” that we recognize, support, and encourage the work we do in the world of Masonry together and with the world at large.  We need to find ways to ensure that the next group of Officers and Ivanhoe Brethren are willing to lend a hand and take on the “manual” labour that keeps a lodge vital.

It is my intention to ensure the education component of Ivanhoe’s meetings continues to hold a place of primacy and is relevant and available to members and prospective members alike.  We have had a good attendance from prospective members this year and I encourage all Ivanhoe Brethren to help ensure this continues.  To do this, I hope to host short, informal Masonic talks done before and after Lodge meetings.

But I feel that we still need to reach out more.  We need to be more active in helping Brethren who are sick or who are in need of support and to each do our part to bring Brethren back into the Lodge and to help alleviate the pressures on those Brethren who have been key in keeping the Lodge moving forward.  In any Lodge there is the danger of having too few members doing too much.